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The Logan Paul Cryptocurrency Scam Just Got Worse…

October 30, 2021 - mediadealer - Money Hacks - 1,246 views

Date: 2021-07-14 00:37:05


Lets address all the talk about the Logan Paul Cryptocurrency Dink Doink – how it works – why people are skeptical – and my thoughts moving forward. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan




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CoffeeZilla Logan Paul Dink Doink Review:

So, this all starts with a new cryptocurrency from Logan Paul that’s gaining some traction lately on Social Media…and, it’s called DINK DOINK. Go to their and you’ll see a colorful website that looks EERILY similar to South Park…with, no affiliation to South Park. The premise is that the Dink Doink cryptocurrency is built around a community of influencers and cartoons, featuring a 2-minute long video of Logan Paul.

There’s really not much to it…there’s a supply of 10 QUADRILLION Dink Doink coins in circulation, it’s got a market cap of $1.3 million dollars, which has CONSTANTLY spiraled downwards over the last few days, almost 10,000 people are holding on to it…and…to top it all off: Dink Doink aims to be the first ever decentralized media franchise, where token holders receive an NFT for every episode that drops.

In my opinion, it’s silly. It’s an attempt on a joke. It’s fairly useless. It could attract a community, and there’s a entire show dressed up as South Park “marketing” the character, Dink Doink…now, TECHNICALLY, they HAVE to do it this way, otherwise they’re in violation with the SEC by promoting a “Security”….but, they haven’t really MISLED anyone, from what I could tell…and, people know very well what they’re buying into.

Now…where I DO think they went wrong, was their incessant marketing that it could go to the moon, how they’re “ALL IN,” or how Dink Doink could be the future….and, personally, I just think THAT marketing totally ruined it. It just felt forced, and the fact that ALL OF THEM promoted it around the same time, with a level of enthusiasm that I have never seen before in my entire life…just raises a lot of skepticism that, MAYBE, this isn’t something people should be getting involved with.

But, if we’re taking this seriously…I just think this coin lacks that first mover advantage of originality. With Dogecoin, it was the first “joke,” coin that never INTENDED to be anything…but, it ORGANICALLY gained traction and developed a community who found it on their own. With THIS…it just seems to FORCED, like there’s an ulterior motive we should be made aware of…and that’s where, I think, this fell apart.

Cryptocurrency needs time to mature, and ANYTHING that has the ability to rise in price so quickly…is also very likely to FALL just as quickly. I’m just not a fan of the idea, AND I think the marketing was pretty terrible. Logan is GREAT at getting attention, and he certainly GOT attention…but, in this case, I’m not sure it’s the right kind of attention.

Either way, none of this is financial advice…don’t listen to me…all of this video is just for entertainment purposes, none of it is fact, and all of it is purely my opinion…so, thanks so much for watching this investigative research with me.

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