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Shiba Inu Just Broke The Internet

October 30, 2021 - mediadealer - Money Hacks - 853 views

Date: 2021-10-29 23:15:05


All Revenue Will Be Donated To – Lets talk about Shiba Inu, how it just overtook Dogecoin, its potential listing on Robinhood, and the future potential to reach one penny – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan





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On Wednesday, it was announced that $160 MILLION DOLLARS of “Smart Money” began buying into Shiba Inu…helping fuel some of the recent rally we saw over the last 48 hours.

It was also found that “SHIB transactions worth at least $1 million started increasing since the beginning of October. The whale activities spiked on multiple days in the past weeks, as SHIB’s price rallied.”…including, one person in particular…who purchased roughly $43 MILLION DOLLARS worth around October 1st…causing the price to spike 5% in the process.

Even on Tuesday…another “whale” bought $11.5 MILLION DOLLARS worth of Shiba Inu…signaling that, perhaps…they’ve been gearing up for the substantial returns that we’ve seen throughout these last few days.

And, as a result…Shiba Inu briefly overtook Dogecoin…in a remarkable event where it became one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap…meaning…it did officially BEAT DOGECOIN…without crossing 1 penny…although, unfortunately…that status didn’t last too long…and, when Elon Musk tweeted back about Dogecoin…the two flipped again…with Dogecoin quickly gaining another 25%, while Shiba Inu began to sell off.

So, can Shiba Inu reach a penny? Yes, eventually….it’s possible….under the right conditions…BUT it’s important to recognize that, essentially, at least right now – you’re investing in ATTENTION, MOMENTUM, and iNVESTOR PSYCHOLOGY….that’s it. That was the SAME attention that Coinbase literally couldn’t handle, when Shiba Inu demand was so strong that it literally shut down their website…with cryptocurrency, I’ve been humbled in every single way possible to the point where…I no longer believe something is impossible.

I think….for many, Cryptocurrency represents a way out…..it’s a ticket to wealth…and, even having the CHANCE to increase in price just gives the faith that…everything will be okay. Of course, that isn’t always the case…and many times, people buy in near all time highs and then lose almost everything…but, if you acknowledge it for what it is, understand that you’re buying into attention during a run-up, be REASONABLE with your expectations, take profits along the way, think logically about whether or not something is ACTUALLY FEASIBLE….and, always smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm…you’l be just fine.

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