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Boost Your Financial Success With Meditation

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Meditation and financial success might appear to be in separate worlds, but meditation can be very helpful for dealing with financial pressure and reaching new levels of financial success. Meditation might be the missing link you need to reach your financial objectives. It can be that powerful.

Achieve your financial goals with meditation: Success With Meditation

1. Find a quiet spot and put yourself in a comfortable position you can maintain for at least 30 minutes. A quiet place at home is easiest. With practice, you can learn to meditate on a noisy subway. Find a comfortable seated position.

2. Spend the first few minutes emptying your mind. The easiest way to do this is by placing all of your focus on your breath. Feel the air moving in and out of your chest. Breathe in through your nose and out through your chest. Keep your attention on your breathing.

3. Focus on a financial challenge in your life. Notice the changes in your thinking. Notice the sensations in your body. Your mind might be racing to the future and imagining the worst possible outcome. Your heart and breathing might quicken. The key is to dispassionately observe your reaction.

* Continue observing until everything subsides. The uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in your body will rise and fall. Talk yourself though it. “That’s interesting. My stomach is feeling nauseous and my mind is racing.” “The feelings are starting to go away.”

4. Think about a financial goal. Lots of us have financial goals. Most of us fail to take any real action. Think about a challenging financial goal and repeat the same process above. Notice your feelings and thought processes. Continue until the noise subsides. Make note of the thoughts that arise.

* “I don’t know how to accomplish it.”
* “My ex will take any extra money I earn.”
* “I don’t know enough.”

5. Visualize taking the first step toward that goal. Imagine taking the first logical step toward realizing your financial goal. What thoughts and feelings arise?

* Realize that if all of your thoughts and feelings were positive, you’d be aggressively and enthusiastically pursuing your goal!

* It’s the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. Meditation is an effective way for dealing with these roadblocks.

6. Consider the end. Imagine that you’ve just achieved your goal. How do you feel? What are you thinking? This is important. Even the achievement of an amazing goal might not be 100% positive. Maybe you’re worried about the taxes you’ll owe. Perhaps you’re worried about how your friends and family will react to your success.

* These issues can prevent you from ever attaining the success you desire.
* Continue meditating until the feelings subside.

6. At a later time, sit down and examine the beliefs that might be blocking you from financial success. Remember, if you had effective beliefs, you’d already be knocking your finances out of the park.

* Are the beliefs reasonable?
* How did you develop these beliefs? Who taught you these things?
* Can you put your faith in alternatives that are more supportive of your goals?
* What are the benefits of changing your beliefs?

You’ll find that meditation needs to be done regularly to achieve excellent results. It’s a skill that develops over time.

Meditation isn’t just for Buddhist monks. You can use meditation to make positive changes to your financial life. Apply a little meditation to your financial challenges and goals and boost your financial success.

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