Wake Up To Cash

Day 1. An Intro to Making Money Online Sending Email…

It may seem practically impossible these days to figure out and settle on one way to really start and continue to make good money online.

there’s like a thousand different ways to go about it.

  • importing products and selling them through amazon, ebay and shopify
  • joining an direct sales/MLM program and selling their hard good, or skin glop, or nutritional shake etc.
  • blogging…
  • affiliate marketing…
  • cpa marketing…
  • twitter, facebook, linkedin, periscope, blab, snapchat, instagram…

It’s literally an endless pit of topics, and knowledge that you’ll become fascinated with. If you’re the type of person who

really has what it takes to be successful. But you need to know where to start out. And that’s where I come in…

My goal for this blog post series is to point you in the right direction where you can start building your online business

quickly, without much expense and begin to see revenue come in during your first couple of weeks of “work”.

In this super short introduction to making money online with a focus on ’email’ I’ll be talking

about a few traits that you will need in order to really be successful online. And then we’ll wrap up with a 10,000 ft overview

of what really makes money, so that you can have a clear vision of how you want to move forward with your online endeavors.

And that brings me to the first trait that you as a fledgling online entrepreneur will need to have in order to be successful online:

1.) You need to be the type of person who is always learning…and always experimenting and testing things out.

If you ‘stopped’ learning in high school, and never cracked open another book since then…Well I’m really sorry but this online

stuff isn’t likely to work for you. The reason being is that none of us are born knowing any of this stuff so every single thing you want

to do online is going to be something you need to learn before hand. The good news is that making money online, especially with email,

is a skill. which means it CAN be learned, and with practice can be perfected and become very easy, almost second nature.

2.) You need to be a risk taker.

If the idea of spending $10, or $50 or $500 dollars and potentially never seeing that money again scares the pants off you, then you may not be the

type of person who’s suitable to go into business for yourself. I’m not talking about cashing out your retirement and throwing it all on black, or paying for some 5 or 6 figure franchise or other business opportunity. But along the way there are going to be small risks and expenses that just need to be made. So if the idea of calculated, and mitigated risk excites you and motivates you into action…Then you sound like the kind of person who can really thrive in the online business environment.

3.) You need to be willing to fail…fail fast, and potentially fail a few times…

Here’s the thing. Every venture is a learning experience. Setting up your first website…you may mess up. you may break something. don’t worry about it. All that kind of stuff can be fixed. Maybe the first time you try doing something it doesn’t work out…that’s the nature of business and thankfully when it comes to the internet you can fail faster and with less expense than any other business in the world. Lets put things into perspective real quick…lets say you wanted to sell fishing gear. so in the offline world you’d have to: pick out a name, register a business with the state, lease a location, pay thousands of dollars for inventory, and then you’d have to hire an employee to man your shop or you’d have to be there 5-7 days a week…now lets say that 60 days into your 1 year lease you realize your location isn’t as great as you thought…we’ll that an expensive and potentially business ending mistake.

Now with the internet you can build your own website for a couple bucks, get the tools in place to be able to capture an audience of ‘fishing enthusiasts’ and then begin selling them fishing stuff as an affiliate…which basically means you make recommendations to your audience about what stuff they should buy, and when they buy it you make a commission. Now lets say 60 days goes by and this new online fishing business isn’t working out or whatever. You may only be out a couple hundred bucks, and here’s the even cooler thing…even a failed online business venture like this can still make you money because you have the ability to now sell this website and audience at auction on market places like flippa and ebay…it’s a very exciting time we live in where your risk is so low and your upside potential is so great!

I could go on and on and on about the traits that you need to have to be successful. but I think these are the most important 3. And the last point actually leads me into the 10,000 ft overview of how money is made online and how you’re going to make money with your new online business.

it’s all about AUDIENCE BUILDING…

If you think about how every single site and most businesses make money it’s because they have the attention of an audience…

Facebook, google, instagram, snapchat, uber, airBnB, the list goes on and on and on…and what do they all have in common…They have access to an audience that they can monetize. Facebook/google/instragram/snapchat all choose to monetize their user bases with advertising. Uber/airBnB they monetize their audience by taking a percentage of the money that’s made on their platforms.

what you’ll be doing is very similar. You’ll be picking out an audience that you want to tap into. You’ll set up a very special kind of website that helps you collect and communicate with that audience, and then you’ll be sending them emails, and communicating with that audience on your website in order to build rapport with them and basically turn yourself into a trusted online advisor. Then when you see something cool that you can promote to your audience you can with good conscience tell them about that cool thing and make a nice commission on it at the same time.

My audience is: online opportunity seekers. I attract and build an email list of people who are interested in starting their own online business, making money online through various different programs, or who are just interested in working online in one way or another.

Now I can show you how to build a similar kind of audience as I do and I can show you how to monetize that audience very effectively. I generally do recommend you start out building an audience in a ‘market’ that has very wide universal appeal…think BIG THINGS: Money, Health, Relationships. Stuff that everyone wants more of! These are the markets that are very deep, you can get one person on your list and they can buy multiple things! anyways, we’ll talk more about Audience selection (sometimes called market or Niche selection) in a future blog post.

I’m going to end this blog post for now with that and just let you chew that over for now, let your mind wander and begin thinking of things you are interested in and that you would be excited to talk about and promote. These are the kinds of topics that will keep you motivated to stick with your online business and have you look forward to waking up each morning to check your emails, tweets and sales 🙂

Talk soon!

–Corey Lewis

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